October 2019  
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Brother John Kirby

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Jesus and I came to know each other when I was 8 yrs old.  I remember the church had  a revival and the evangelist was a preacher named Pastor Taylor. 
I graduated from High School in 1945.
Afer High School in Missouri, I did a short time in the Navy and got to see some of the Far East.
Once my duty to my country was met, I studied Electrical Engineering at Missouri School of Mines and Metallurgy.  (Now called the University of Missouri at Rolla) .  In 1950 our National Guard Unit was activated.  I held the position of Operations Sgt and organized training for about 200 recruits. I was privileged to attend Leadership School and then was able to attend OCS - Officer's Training School. After receiving my commission, I was assigned as a supervisor in an Electricians School and then did a tour in Korea as the Executive Officer of an Engineering Construction Company.   In 1954 I started to work in Aeropace.
My life working with the Lord begins in 1954.  Dottie and I were married in 1954 and we joined the church and I began teaching Sunday School for children and later worked with the deaf and the adults.
The Lord let me serve on a Board of Trustees, serve as Finance Chairman for years and Music Director for many years. I retired in 1998.  Jesus is still with me.  Amen
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